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Happy new Year !

I wanted to wish you all an happy and successful year 2010 with plenty of nice flights and new toys !

Alula EVO Review

My review of the Alula EVO has been published in RC Pilot. This is the first time I'm published in 2 different magazines the same month :) !

In this issue there is also a detailed review of the Aurora 9 from Hitec and an interresting technical article about the new generation of NiMh batteries which confirms that the Eneloop is a good battery.

New Logo for the french F3F web portal

I'm currently working on a logo for the new portal of the french F3F community. I ended with 3 proposals. I started with this one:

Then I modified it to obtain this one:

With a little rework, I ended with this one:

This is probably this one that will be used on the French F3F portal.

Modèle Magazine - January 2010

My review of the Weasel EVO from dream flight has been published in the January issue of Modèle Magazine: This is the number 700 of this magazine.

Dingo on the road !

Dingos are now in France on the way to their new home all around the country. At the moment 8 of them are in Montbeliard and will go to Grenoble, before dispatch:

I will get mine on Saturday evening. Quality is, according to the friends, just amazing.

More to come soon ...

Dingo Dingo !

My Dingo F3F is ready and should arrive in France tomorrow. This is the last piece of my collection for 2010:

The Dingo is the latest creation of Vaclav Vojtisek and is succeeding the famous Ascot and Short Ascot.

You can find more information here:

If you want to see more color layouts, just click here and enjoy !!!

Of course, as soon as I will receive it (the 26 normally, when I'm back from holidays), I will do lots of pictures of the kit and will give you my first impressions.

Stay tuned !

Hall Effect Magnetic Switch

Tonight, I have uploaded a short article about an Hall Effect Magnetic switch on Planet-Soaring. This is a very convenient and tiny device that allows you to switch on and switch off without opening the plane, at distance, thanks to a magnet.

cheap transmitter case

I found this transmitter case in a DYI shop "Leroy Merlin".

The dimension of the case are 33 x 23 x 12 cm which is ideal for a transmitter + a small tool box or ballasts.

The stiker is not on the case when you buy it ;) !!!

Quality is very good regarding the price.

More pictures here
I finished the assembly of the Thyphoon as the weather was not good enough to fly. It took a little more time than usual because of some surprises:
Both the aileron and the flap horns made from epoxy plate and that come already installed are not at the correct height. The consequence is that a metal clevis cannot move freely, even after some sanding. I decided to changed the horn, finally swapped them with brass horns I had in stock. Apparently, according to the UK forum, I’m not the only typhoon owner having this issue. Of course this is not a big deal, but it’s still frustrating.

The second surprise came from the balancing. I was aware that the plane would need lots of lead to obtain the right CG, but not so much ! I needed 210 grams to obtain a CG around 86 mm. I had to change the layout and put the battery under the receiver, and clear the maximum of space for the nose lead. I suppressed the switch and use JST plugs instead.

The receiver is finally an Assan 2.4 Ghz. It is install…

Hyperion 95FMD tested on Servormances

Servormances is a software that present in a clever manner the results of the servos test under the same condition, in a repeatable approach.

Olivier Seguoin just made available a new database that includes a couple of recent servos like the BMS 555 DMG or the Hyperion 095FMD

I was pretty curious about the hyperion as I choose it for the ailerons of my Alliaj HM.

The results are convincing compared to the competition (s3150, Aitronics, Graupner, etc ...) and given the price, it offer a good ratio price/performance.

The software can be loaded here: (Sorry chaps, its only in French !)

Then you can upgrade it by copying the 2 files contained in the the zip file in the repository of Servormances:

Thanks Olivier and the Servormances team for your contribution. It is appreciated :) !!

Greentronic REGMAX

Regmax is a DualBat input booster 1S2P Lipo or LiFe, 3 or 4 Nimh input, 5V5 4A output. Booster means that it is able to elevate the voltage from 3.7 V to 5.5V with a efficiency about 85 % which is pretty good.

I will install it in my Wasabi. The total weight of 2 LiFe 1S batteries + the regmax is lighter than a 4 cells R6 battery, but provide a higher capacity.

The redundancy is total. There is no primary and secondary battery. As soon as you unplug a battery the device switches automatically to the second battery. When the 2 batteries are connected and running fine, a green led is ON.

A video is better than 1000 words, so here it is:

Greentronic Regmax from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.I added more pictures on my Picasaweb: here

Greentronic is not only manufacturing this Regmax, but also different other voltage regulators or dual power.

Jeti duplex T12FG

I installed the Jeti TU module in my transmitter. The transplant went well. My setup is the following: I have a double switch (with lock) on the + and PPM signal while the - is always connected.

The soldering to do is: the - on the pin 2 of the back of the trainer plugThe PPM signal coming from the double switch on the pin 1 of the back of the trainer plugThe + signal coming from the double switch on the pin 5 of the back of the trainer plugDespite the user manual is mentioning that the + must be soldered on the pin 6, I did some measure on my old FF9 and sicovered that the difference between the pin 5 and 6 is that 6 is always ON when 5 is ON only when the radio is powered on.

I built a T with plastique that I fixed in the transmitter case with double face tape. Then the module is also double taped at the top of the T.
Now let have a look on how it works:
switch in position OFF, transmitter RF OFF. No transmission at all in 2.4 Ghz thanks to the Jeti TU module.switch in position OFF, tr…