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Video: Flying with vultures

As you can see, I'm in my video period ;) !!!
I found this very nice video from Montiel Roberto (Spain). The video has been taken near Madrid. Our spanish friends seem to be very inspired !!!!

Another comment: This GO Pro HD is definitively the best camera on the market. It manages the light as nobody else. You are always sure that the videos recorded will be great.

Volando entre buitres HD. Flying with vultures HD. from Montiel Roberto on Vimeo.

Not slope flying but still very spectacular !!!

This evening, Jean-Claude Gonin posted me a new spectacular video about the towing of a 1/4 scale lunak with a real airplane !!!!!

whaoouuuu ... !!! Watch this superb video clip !!!!

This video posted on Vimeo by Pierre-Arnaud, aka "l1pulsif", is a superb and very dynamic videoclip about Macon 2010, a famous and very popular slope soaring meeting in France.

Full screen, high resolution, and increase the sound volume :) !!!!!

VDP M√Ęcon 2010 from l1pulsif on Vimeo.More video from l1pulsif can be found here

A new video from Jean Claude Gonin

I just received a mail from Jean-Claude indicating his new great video taken during a slope meeting in Alicante (Spain). Enjoy !


Aside the Viking Race last week, I had the opportunity to see a brand new Vampire, the new F3B ship from Jesina (Czech Republic).

For few years, all new F3B coming on the market look like the famous Freestyler. Shooter, Radical, Proton, Crossfire 2, there are all the same apart the wingspan at the point where it's difficult which one it is when flying.

There is fortunately few exceptions like the Dingo, Alliaj HM, and this new Vampire. The shape of the fuselage is very particular. The color scheme is very nice.

The section is from DP. According to the owner, the plane seems to be fast, turns well.

We will judge about the performances during the coming F3F competitions :)

More pictures on my Picasa Album

MPX merlin

I took my MPX merlin with me to the Viking Race in case of a calm day. I had the chance to maiden it, then to fly it few times, and I must say that I'm impressed by this little bird.
The sink rate is higher than a "normal" glider which is normal considering the size of the plane, but the handling is great and the combo sold by Natterer Modelbau is perfect, especially when using a 3S Hyperion G3 850 mAh.

With this battery, the climbing is amazing, almost vertical. The battery also sustain the discharge without collapsing which is good. We organised an informal F3F race (2 rounds) with 6 pilots and thanks to the battery, I won the comp, with a 47s in the second round. Other pilots had less perfomant batteries :)

So I definitively recommend this battery:

Hyperion Generation 3 Lithium Polymer Packs are proving truly revolutionary in both performance and value. Compared to an average of the batteries on market last year, they provide up to up to 7x more cycles under the same dis…

DVD: Lift Ticket in Norway

Last week during the Viking Race, I received an exemplar of the DVD "Lift Ticket in Norway" from Espen Torp hands. I will watch it soon a do a write up on

First Lift Ticket DVD was taking us for a trip around USA, mixing aerobatic, HLG, PSS, semi scale.

LTNO is the second opus from Dave Reese, who spent 3 weeks around norway, guided by Mr Espen Torp himself, and visiting different places and superb slopes and landscapes.

More information here: Reese Productions

Stay tuned !

Viking Race 2010: What a week !!!!

20 rounds, then 4 additional rounds in a fly off with the 20 best pilots that will stay in my memory forever !

But the result is that I won the Viking Race, I haven't realized yet !!!!
The preparation started 8 months ago when I decided to change all my planes for the season 2010. I kept only my Freestyler (that I didn't use finally), ordered a Dingo and an Alliaj HM, then got a second Alliaj HM after exchanging it with my Martinet F3F.
Then the snowy winter didn't allow me to fly, even a little, F3F. Practice restarted in spring with few contests, VRQ (qualifications), then La Muela FAI open that I won, then the French Championship where I finished second. A had few practice sessions, but I didn't want to over train to not saturate and keep the pleasure to fly.
I knew that the level would be very high, especially from my team mates. From day one, I gave my maximum to realize the best time I could, in each round, whatever the conditions, analyzing the conditions almost re…

Electro Multifun Video

I uploaded on vimeo a video of the Multifun Electro

Electro Multifun from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

The 2-Point-4 Chronicles

Andy shared an interesting article he found on the net about 2.4. You can donwload this article here:

The 2-Point-4 Chronicles

Typhoon review upload on

I uploaded the complete review of the Typhoon on

Enjoy !