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2 Aerial picture sessions

Last week-end was absolutely beautiful, but clearly with dead air. The perfect day to do some aerial pictures, especially with the snow everywhere making the scenary more unusual.

On Saturday, I went on the hills bording the mountain range of Belledonne, facing the other mountain range of Chartreuse.

Sunday, I focused on the casttle of Herbeys close to my home slope.

Autonomous SMS weather station

Summary in english for our readers.

Back in 2008, Gérard Prat designed an autonomous SMS weather station composed of a 5m high pole, a set with anemometer, temperature and wind direction, a solar panel providing the power, a board with several microcontroler providing the intelligence and finally a GSM modem.  the principle is that you send a SMS to the weather station phone number and 20s later you received a reply from the station containing the usefule information plus some stats and alarm in relevant. Of course the system requires a subscription to a GSM network provider, but the cost is now very low, down to 2 Euros / months for unlimited SMS sending. Gérad contacted me last week to inform me that he is now able to provide the "brain" of the weather station, that is to say the PCB with the set of microcontroler, and includes the GSM modem. You will still need to find a provide the rest, tah is to say the pole, the LACROSSE TECHNOLOGY anemometer, the solar panel, the water…

RC Soaring Digest released

The march issue of RCSD is available here:

There is a nice report about an aerobatic contest in South Africa, and another nice picture report about the coming big slope soaring event at Monte Cucco in the center of Italy.

Apparently, I got a subscription to the RCSoaringDigest front cover ! This picture was taken a long time ago. You have already seen it here and there on Planet-Soaring calendar, or compilation. I like this picture a lot :)

Here is the video taken the same day than the front cover picture. It was in 2004 so sorry for the bad quality (no HD at that time !)

More pictures can be found here:

Graupner: This is the end ...

Everybody knows that Graupner was going bad for few years and entered last december under a protection shield to avoid bankrupcy. The following statement of the bankruptcy court declared the 13th of February  the end of Graupner. This is a big lost for the community as Graupner has been part of the landscape from the beginning. I remember spending hours in front of their general catalog when I was young, dreaming about airplanes, gliders, radio trasmitters, balsa. My very first glider was a Dandy. Now the question is: will it be a buyer / rescuer ? There is a rumour saying that SJ Propo (RC transmitter manufacturer of graupner Hott product range) would buy the electronc activity.

Beschluss vom 13.02.2013 
In dem Insolvenzeröffnungsverfahren über das Vermögen der 
Graupner GmbH & Co. KG, Henriettenstr. 94-96, 73230 Kirchheim/Teck (AG Stuttgart, HRA 230523), vertr. d.: 1. Graupner Verwaltungs-GmbH, Henriettenstr. 94-96, 73230 Kirchheim/Teck, (persönlich haftende Gesellschafterin), ver…

Video: Boar go skying

I went to the local slope this afternoon to fly again with the Boar. I was expecting a bit of wind, or at least thermals. When I arrived at the top of the slope, I found about 30 cm of snow and no wind at all. The flying session rapidly turned to another exercice, you can imagine ...

Review: Boar from Kerr-Soaring

Kit overview

I had the chance to receive a preserie kit for evaluation from Endre Kaposi (Kerr-Soaring team). This is not the final version of the Boar, as I know that there are some enhancements in progress, but the present test will give you a good overview about this new kids on the block. Let's have a look to the kit as it arrives. The main part is this one piece moulded wing, with servos installed, and pre-wired. Then there is a tiny and light fuselage made from silver color fiberglass, with an opening on the side (no nose cone or canopy).

The boom is a conic carbone tube, similar to those we can find on HLG. The tailplanes are made from Balsa. The boar came with accessories like the control commands for elevator made from piano wire (0.5mm) in a plastic sleeve, fiberglass ailerons control horns, some screws, the control rod for ailerons, a small connector (male + femelle). Quality of the components is good. The wing is strong. Ailerons are articulated at the bottom and th…

New Photo report about Nuremberg toy fair 2013

This new photo report about Nuremberg toy fair 2013 is from Planet-Soaring's partner, the online shop Flash-RC. I gave them a tiny digital camera to put in their luggage. They came back with these 170 pictures which should give you a good overview of the toy fair. Thanks Alexandra & Hervé ! For your information, some new items are already in stock at Flash-RC like the Tucan, the funman or the Solius.

Photo report about Nuremberg toy fair 2013

You will find plenty of pictures about Nuremberg ty fair a the following URL. They are grouped by brand, so easy to browse and go directly to your center of interest. This photo report is from

JR catalog 2013

Here is the JR catalog for 2013. Please note that this catalog doesn't include the 2 new radios the XG14 and the XG14E.