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New maiden of the Pike Electro

Sorry for not updating you earlier regarding the Pike Electro but I have been very busy last days. Let's come back to the second Maiden flight with the new combo made of a Sloperacer modified Leopard 2860/2730Kv and 5:1 Reisenauer Micro Edition gear box with high torque pinion, an YGE 90 LV controller, and a 17x11 propeller. The Leopard motor is initially an inrunner for boat (!). The motors are 4 pole designs, 12 slot rotors, hand wound with high quality double bearings and rated up to 1300w. With a 3s battery, it can deliver around 800w of power. To be safe, I did this flight at the slope. Everything went well except that I wrongly configured the motor switch command so I didn't have brake (shame on me !!!). This is at the slope that I did the following video. One week later has been the big day, as I was awaited to do some demo at the Icarus Cup all over the week-end. I did 7 demo flights, and I can tell that I was gaining confidence after each flight considering how well …

Icarus Cup 2013, 40th anniversary

This is the biggest paragliding/hangliding meeting in europe but aside, there are plenty of other exhibition, including a big aeromodelling show. During 2 days, we coudl see everything flying like aerobatics, 3D helicopters, synchronized aerobatics with airplanes and helicopters, patrols, warbirds, electro gliders, foamies, skymen, pylon racing and even more. This year we have been lucky with the weather, and had lot of spectators during the 2 days. Overall the 40th Icarus cup is a really big sucess, and I really took lot's of pleasure to be part of this aeromodelling show with my clubmates. Here is the photo album I took during the 2 days.

A nice video

Stéphane, from Toulouse, sent me this nice video filmed in the pyrénées with beautiful landscapes at Pic Du Céciré. Stéphane flies a Snowflak, his own creation, an home made aerobatic glider inspired by the Lunak, with a very nice decoration.

Little SnowflaK In Big Mountain from pgts on Vimeo.

Breaking News !

France won the 2013 F3F European Championship in both team and individual ranking. Frederic Hours is the new European champion. The team composed of Frederic Hours, Sébastien Lanes, Andreas Fricke and Laurent Lombardo (TM) won the team title by a margin of 500 pts over the second team, Slovakia.

Congratulations to the team France. This is a great achievement !

Pike Electro, ready for the second maiden flight

After changing the motor by the SlopeRacer motor (Modified Leopard 2860/2730Kv and 5:1 Reisenauer Micro Edition gear box with high torque pinion) and the ESG by a YGE 90 LV, my Pike is ready for maiden for tomorrow. Flying weight is 2kg581. I hope I will be able to film a bit. The propeller is a 17x11 instead of a shor 14x9 with the Kontronik motor I had. The YGE has a nice feature that allows to connect in parallel the BEC and an extra receiver batterie on the receiver, doing the perfect redundancy, at the condition the receiver battery if almost full before the flight to avoid to the YGE ESC to spend its time to recharge the receiver battery. No need of the optocoupler cable. 
Stay tuned !

Video: European Gliding Championships 2013

I found the following video about the last European Gliding Championships in Vinon-sur-Verdon (South of France). It is not RC, but the video is superb with awasome slow motion sequences.

European F3F Championship

This week is the European F3F Championship in Slovakia, on the slopes of the sky ressort of Donovaly. You can follow the competition on the organiser website, and the french team's blog located here:

Cette semaine se tient le premier championnat d'Europe de F3F en Slovaquie, sur les pentes de la station de sky de Donovaly. Vous pouvez suivre la competition sur le site de l'organisateur, mais aussi le parcours de l'équipe de France sur le blog de l'équipe

Col du Glandon

Last week-end was the F3F contest of le Col du Glandon. For people who don't know, this is the place were the french F3F was born in 1994. The particularity of these slopes is that there are at 2000m and are facing 2 valleys. They provide smooth and homogeneous flying conditions thanks to the breeze. The down side is that they are capricious and the probability to fly is lower than elsewhere because of the specificity of the moutain climat. This week-end the weather forecast was very bad anouncing rain and storm. However, the different forecasts were predicting a possible weather window in the middle of the day for both Saturday and Sunday, therefore we couldn't cancel the competition without trying.
Saturday, we arrived at the slope around 12am and installed the equipement. We started to fly in a light breeze between 3 and 5 m/s, creating a light lift. We managed 4 rounds before the wind die. We waited a bit, doing some free flying, before to go down.

Sunday the appointment …

F3B in Teillé

Pascal Tournache visited the aeromodelling field of Teillé (near Nantes) and had the chance to watch an F3B contest there. A good opportunity to discover this category, very far from big scale gliders he is used to pilot. Below is the photo report he did during that day.

2013 French F3F Championship

What a F3F championship !
Last week end was the 2013 F3F National Championship over 3 days. 23 pilots were qualified for it. Location was one of the 2 superb slopes of the south Vercors, with the cliffs of Fond D'urles in case of south wind, and the deep slope of le Col de Menée in case of north wind. Weather forecasts decided to give 3 days of North wind. The slope is the ideal slope every F3F pilot dreams about. But there is a "but", you must deserve it with a 45 minutes walk and climb 200m of altitude during 1.5 km, from the car park. And we did this 3 days in a row !
On Friday, after reaching the slope around midday, conditions were very very light. After a first juge briefing with the CD, then a competitor briefing, we started the championship with a round zero allowing the pilots to discover the slope. Immediatly after, we started round 1. Until 5:30 we managed 4 rounds, in a light but straight wind. Everybody was flying with no ballast in order to fly at the edge…