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Pike Precision Electro, the video

A ride with my Pike Precision Electro above the plateau Matheysin by a beautiful afternoon with a Mobius Action cam attached at the wing tip.

Pike Precision Electro from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

Pike Precision Electro

Nice flying session Sunday afternoon with my Pike Precision Electro, by a beautiful weather:


The march issue of RC Soaring Digest is available. It features a picture from Planet-Soaring on the back cover. You can download RCSD by clicking the followinglink

Winter practice

Some practice with the Needle 115, playing with the CoG and snapflaps settings.

Dream-Flight Libelle DLG video

Dream-Flight published a video of the LIBELLE, showing the new bird in action. Too much wind to see capabilities, but interresting to see it flying inverted easily :)

Hopefully, there is now not too much wait as the availbility was announced to be end of February, beginning of March.

AP: Grenoble countryside

Some aerial pictures and a video taken last sunday around Grenoble. As it is currently the winter olympic games in Sochi, you can see on the pictures and the video the ski resort of chamrousse where winter olympic games happened in 1968 (Chamrousse is still a very popular place for people living here). Some more information here.

Both photos and video have been done with the Mobius ActionCam attached on the tail or at the wing tip using a home made pod made from carbon tuben coroplast and thin epoxy plate.

Despite the air with some south wind was a bit turbulent and bumpy, it was a nice and relaxing flight.

Herbeys from above from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

Nüremberg 2014 photo report

Thanks to Flash-RC, I can propose you today an excellent photo report about Nuremberg 2014 with more than 205 pictures

Many thanks to Hervé, for taking some time in his busy planning there to take these pictures and allow me to share them with you all !

Mistral Soaring in Rognac

Every winter, Thierry Platon organises a serie of contest in the south east of France near Marseille. This is a good way to fly a bit during winter. This year it has been also the opportunity to test and validate a new and very promising F3F spot in Rognac. Last Sunday, 8 pilots met there for a day of practice and a mini competition. I arrived around 9am, and found Joël Carlin, a local guy, flying already since 8:15am ! The wind was strong, about 20 m/s at the edge. Later other pilots arrived, and after testing the slope one after the other, we started the contest, doing 3 runs in a row, as the landing zone was a bit far away and I would say "sportive", despite not dangerous. The left turn was pretty challenging for everybody, but when the thermal was on the slope we could achieve really fast run. Sebastien Lanes did the best time of the day in 30.66s with his Target, followed byt his father in 31.21s on FS4. Stephane Riccobonno was also pretty good with his Target/Ceres, f…