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New Magnet Holder from Zepsus

Zepsus, the manufacturer of the now very popular magnetic switch, released a new magnet holder with a stronger magnet, attached to a 75cm line from a auto roll up unit.
You attach this magnet holder to your pant or jacket. The new magnet extends the activation range by 3 times which is good for large scale gliders, but also for F3X planes where there is no more need to locate the magnet very accurately to swithc on and off. A simple pass is enough, and this changes your life ! Personnaly, I use the Zepsus magnetic switch on all my competition plane. They work flawlessly for few years already, are very tiny, accept high current draw and are HV ready.

F3F French league, Esculliens

First competition of the french league 2015, 29 pilots, a new slope, replacing Laurac, 7 rounds in an afternoon, no round on sunday because of the rain. Frederic Hours won the competition with 3 or 4x 1000. I missed the podium after a buzzerman forgot to beep the end of my flight that was in 36 or 37 and a 1000. I got a reflight but did only a 44s. Very nice slope, and good day with friends.

Evolutive ranking and final result below:

Some pictures here where you can have an idea of this new slope, from the bottom included:

and a video of a run of JB Deguelle with hisTyphoon+ from RCRCM:

MPX Heron review

You can read my 5 pages review of the MPX Heron in the april issue of RC-Pilot International:

The Baudis Jedi in flight

Some pictures of the Baudis Jedi in flight:

And a video:

La Muela 2015, 20th Anniversary

20 years ago, I discovered for the first time this curious hill, flat at the top, accessible by car, with all wind orientation slopes. It was also my first international competition. I was flying an Ellipse 1 at that time. I won this 1995 edition so I won't forget.  It was also the opportunity to visit some part of this beautiful country, Toledo, Cordoba, Madrid, Aruanjuez, the Sierra Nevada. In 2015, it was therefore impossible to miss the 20th edition !
52 pilots engaged, from Germany, Norway, Switzerland, England, France and of course Spain. As it was early april, we could expect some low temperature and why not some some like in 2012 for example. But weather has been very good this time with some worries regarding the low wind predicted.
I arrived on Wednesday, driving from Barcelone. On the slope, the wind was blowing around 13m/s and already lots of competitors were practicing intensively. But with the rotation, it was possible to fly. The wind was from North so we were fly…

Alula TREK ... same recipe but tastier !

When I first saw the picture of the Alula TREK, I found she looked like the Alula EVO, especially because the specs are very close if not similar. But in fact the Alula TREK is different on every aspect as we will discover:
AerodynamicContruction / AssemblyFlying capabilities
What changed in the design ?

According to Michael Richter, DF (Dream Flight) worked on the following things with the new Alula TREK:
1) New airfoil: DF took what they learned from the EVO series and applied this to the new TREK series. They wanted to achieve trimmed flight with the elevons close to neutral position, at best glide. Both the evo designs always required a little trim to get it right. Basically, they took the best characteristics of the EVO airfoils and attempted to merge them, and at the same time thickness was reduced for the alula-TREK and camber was adjusted lightly as getting closer to the wingtip. This is very visible when comparing side by side the wing tip of the alula Evo and TREK, Alula TREK…

A new tail for the Needle 115

I just received an interesting info from Thuro (the designer of the popular Needle glider serie) : He designed a new horizontal tail for the Needle115. The new tail is smaller and with a similar aspect ratio than the Needle 100. Results are extremely encouraging as the N115 is now much faster and behave similarly to the N100. To remind you, the N100 is currently the fastest F3F plane in the world, holding the world record in 24.58s in Mr O hands. Personnally, I got last summer a 28.01s with it. The N115, which is larger is more suitable for F3F in normal conditions. It will be interesting to see it in action.

journée initiation au VDP Banne d'ordanche

Journées Nationales Planeur VDP-Banne d’Ordanche
10/11 Août 2015

Le Club des ‘ Ailes Silencieuses ‘ de la Bourboule organise sur son site de la Banne d’Ordanche les premières Journées Nationales du VDP les 10 et 11 aout prochains afin de faire découvrir la pratique du vol de pente à tout licencié FFAM demandeur. Ce site central par rapport au territoire français est avec accès direct par autoroute A 89 à 10 min du site de vol ! 
Le site de vol est multidirectionnel avec possibilité d’installation de sandows, son accès est simple et rapide depuis le parking véhicule. Le club des Ailes Silencieuses possède un local In Situ avec tout le confort ( repas, assise, eau, électricité ,toilettes..).

Le site de vol est à seulement quelques minutes de La Bourboule où des activités familiales variées telles que : marche, piscine, spa, vtt, cheval, luge d’été, gastronomie, etc…sont possibles. Ces journées d’initiation au VDP sont Entièrement Gratuites et encadrées par des moniteurs fédéraux ain…

Alula TREK first contact

I received the Alula TREK this morning and did this video while unboxing it, in order to share with you all. More to come so stay tuned !